Innovation Customization Optimization
AnaGlobe Products Thunder is a unique layout solution for layout experts, CAD engineers, and EDA tool developers. The integrated GUI and script customization make it a perfect enterprise solution to greatly reduce the turn around time.  
AnaGlobe Products GOLF (Geometric Object Layout Formula) is a production proven OpenAccess-based layout editor adopted by well-known companies since 2007.  It provides PCell Designer, a next generation interoperable PCell design environment that covers from PCell design, debugging, testing, to documentation.
AnaGlobe Products PLAG is the technology leader in flat panel layout design solution. With built-in tailored panel layout automation features, PLAG helps engineers to define the flat panel layout specification proficiently, implement and verify the design under single environment.
AnaGlobe Products GlobeViewer is more than just another layout viewer. It provides many value-added features, in addition to the rich set of viewing/measure functions, for industry standard GDS  (for IC layout), MEBES pattern and job (for IC photo mask) formats.
About AnaGlobe
AnaGlobe Focusing on the field of innovation automatic IC physical layout design software and upgrading an efficient and time-saving work flow solution.