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GlobeViewerMultiple format GDSII/Mebes/Job_deck all-in-one DB viewer.


GlobeViewer is more than just another layout viewer. It provides many value-added features, in addition to the rich set of viewing/measure functions, for industry standard GDS  (for IC layout), MEBES pattern and job (for IC photo mask) formats.

Basic Functions

  • Above 20GB data files capacity
  • GDS format
  • MEBES pattern and job format
  • JEOL pattern and job format (in planning)
  • DWG/DXF format (in planning)
  • Overlay of multiple files
  • GNU gzip compressed file support

Advanced Features

  • Pattern density analysis
  • IP protection: cell protection, area protection
  • DRC result viewing
  • Cut area: select an area and save as a GDS file
  • Annotation/Bookmark
  • HTML/image file export

Data Security and Resource Sharing

  • Remote layout data viewing via Internet/Intranet
  • User account management
  • IP layout viewing classification
  • User idle time-out license control
  • System status logging

Screen Shots

  • Color overlay


  • Measure distances


  • IP protection