Innovation Customization Optimization
AnaGlobe Products Thunder is a unique layout solution for layout experts, CAD engineers, and EDA tool developers. The integrated GUI and script customization make it a perfect enterprise solution to greatly reduce the turn around time.
Thunder SiP
AnaGlobe Products THUNDER SiP works on Thunder platform, which provides the industry’s first integrated router for SiP. It provides a unified routing framework to handle from Fanout RDL, Interposer to Substrate. It also provides a rich set of functions for chip-package integration such as power distribution network, shielding, degassing hole, wire-bond planning, connectivity checking and basic design rule checking.
AnaGlobe Products GOLF (Geometric Object Layout Formula) is a production-proven OpenAccess-based layout editor adopted by well-known companies since 2007. It provides PCell Designer, a next-generation interoperable PCell design environment that covers from PCell design, debugging, testing, to documentation.
AnaGlobe Products GOLF PCell Designer evolved with the experiences and feedbacks of PCell programmers and layout engineers, GOLF provides a visualized integrated development environment (IDE) for parameterized layout design, preview, testing, debug, and documentation on layout directly. It is based on AnaGlobe's patented highly flexible and reusable hierarchical parameterized layout generator. GOLF PCell Designer is also the foundation of the product Test Module Generator (TMG) which can efficiently create and maintain a huge amount of test lines.
About AnaGlobe
AnaGlobe Focusing on the field of innovation automatic IC physical layout design software and upgrading an efficient and time-saving work flow solution.