Innovation Customization Optimization

About Us

  • Company: AnaGlobe Technology, Inc.
  • Founded: 2000


Focusing on the field of innovation automatic IC physical layout design software and upgrading an efficient and time-saving work flow solution.


Privately held and maintains with headquarters in Taiwan. Distributors in USA, China, Korea, South East Asia. A member of the OpenAccess Coalition and the OpenPDK Coalition of Si2.

Business Model

Project-based solutions for specific customers. Special layout task demand consultancy. IC layout design tools selling. 3rd party tools integration and distribution.

Our Customers

AnaGlobe’s layout solutions sold to leading foundries, OSAT providers, high-end fabless chipmakers with joint development program/authorized software licenses.

Major Products

  • Thunder – an ultimate chip-level layout integration, consolidation, verification and debugging tool.
  • Thunder SiP – a 2.5D/3D fanout and advanced packaging layout solution.
  • GOLF – the next generation PCell design environment within the general layout editing platform.
  • GOLF PCell – creates reusable layouts for diversified applications, especially, supports Test Module Generation for test chip management