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AnaGlobe Technology, Inc. Introduces New Applications

AnaGlobe Technology, Inc. Introduces New Applications and Features for GOLF and THUNDER

AnaGlobe Technology, Inc., a leader in layout integration solutions, announced their GOLF (a versatile layout platform) and THUNDER (an ultimate system integration solution) are added with more features and extended their applications to support package industry as well as make layout editing jobs much smarter and easier. The impressive performance of dealing with huge GDS file, LVL, and IP merge has been proven to be one of the best tools with high C/P index by world-wide technology leading customers. The next generation of layout editor will be more powerful and smarter to reduce the turn-around time significantly. All the new features and applications will be announced and demonstrated at DAC 2017 (booth# 1727) held in Austin, Texas.

About GOLF

GOLF is a production-proven OpenAccess-based layout platform adopted by world-class layout houses, packaging houses/department, fabless design houses, design service companies, semiconductor foundries and flat panel display manufacturers. GOLF features powerful layout editing functions, intuitive GUI, flexible customization and extension. GOLF provides a versatile layout editor and viewer with simplicity and flexibility. GOLF provides API in C++/TCL/PERL/PYTHON (and more on demand) to help customers develop a variety of applications. The differentiation of GOLF vs. other tools is in its capability of customization for different applications such as custom layout, analog layout automation, test structure layout automation, flat panel display layout automation, wafer-level chip-scale packaging layout automation, etc.


ThunderTM is a unique tape-out level layout editor with built-in XOR, density and Boolean engine. It seamlessly combines an efficient database, powerful analysis engine with intuitive GUI. It handles huge layout data in excess of 750+GB of different formats, including GDS, OASIS, LEF/DEF, and OpenAccess, and performs complex geometrical operations accurately in a fast and robust manner. It provides C++/TCL/PYTHON/PERL interface for software developers to develop their own applications.

About AnaGlobe

AnaGlobe Technology, Inc. is a leader in layout integration solutions, the products of the company have been adopted by world-wide technology leading companies covering the industry including fabless, package, design service, foundry, panel, IP, etc. For more information, please see